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What Do Graduates Think of the DLA?

You are probably wondering what other Rotarians who are graduates of the DLA think about their participation in the program.  In the past 23 years, districts around the world have graduated thousands of students.  One of those districts is D6440, Rotary's "Home District" located in Evanston Illinois.  Click on the link below to view a 2:30 video and hear what some of their graduaters think.  Their comments may inspire you to become a DLA graduate.


 A Message From The Academy Dean

The Rotary District 6080 Leadership Academy is the site for emerging leaders of clubs, the district and beyond.  Here is where we will prepare the leaders of tomorrow.  Samuel  Johnson said “The next best thing to knowing something is knowing where to find it.”  Academy participants will gain in depth knowledge of the RI website and the various RI publications which are the sources for every question which may be posed in your Rotary life. 

The Leadership Academy will enable participants to achieve their aspirations of bigger, better and bolder leadership ability and greater success.  Francis Bacon said “Knowledge is power.”  The knowledge gained in this program will empower participants to be a leader in their own right, to be of great assistance to leaders above and to be a great mentor to those Rotarians who look up to them.  A former graduate of the Leadership Academy had this to say: “You will learn everything you thought you already knew about Rotary but realized you didn’t know until you participated in the District Leadership Academy program.” 

Again, welcome to our web site.  If you are a Rotarian in District 6080 who is interested in participating in this program, please review all of the information on this web site, download all of the necessary materials and admission forms, and then contact me.

Welcome, leaders of tomorrow!

PDG Raymond Plue
Academy Dean