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2020-2021 Leadership Academy Schedule



August - September

Academy Recruitment for the DLA Class of 2021

September 1-30

Pre-Course “Getting Ready for Canvas LMS” Launches for all students
Instructor:  Harriett Schloer (Academy Canvas Administrator)

September 15

DEADLINE Academy applications due to
Academy PDG Raymond Plue via email

September 30

DEADLINE:  All Academy participants must complete the Pre-Course by this date before it closes.


FIRST Trimester

October 1-31

Course #1Communications launches on Canvas

      Instructor, Harriett Schloer (Academy Administrator)  

November 1 - 30

Course #2 Membership launches on Canvas

      Instructor:  :  Andrea Brady  

Dec. 1 – 31

Academy Closed for the Holidays
Students may use this time to complete any unfinished work for Courses #1 & #2.


SECOND Trimester

January 1

Course #3 Public Image launches on Canvas

                       Instructor:  Mary Ann Beahon

January 10

Drop Dead DEADLINE for completing all Academy work for the First Trimester.  If the First Trimester work is not completed by this date, the student may be dropped from this year’s program and will need to re-enroll in the Second Trimester in January 2022 to complete the program and graduate with the Class of 2022. 

February 1-28

Course #4 Youth Service launches on Canvas

     Instructor:  Rowland Geddie


THIRD Trimester

March 1-31

Course #5 – Rotary Organization launches on Canvas
              Instructor:  Don Alberti

April 1 – May 15

Course #6 TRF (Programs, Areas of Focus., and Grants) launches on Canvas

     Instructors:  Michael Brady
              Susan Hart

May 25

DROP DEAD DEADLINE for all Academy work to be completed in order to graduate in 2021